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Welcome to our website "Cheap Computer" where you will find affordable computers meeting all current system requirements for the latest software releases and internet connectivity. Ideal for the home and small business.

We source the cheapest computers from reliable suppliers, refurbish them and make them available to the public at affordable rates.

Quality and affordable computers is part of our slogan because we make sure that our computers are in proper working order and offered at the best possible price before making them available to you.

We deliver anywhere in Johannesburg for R150.
The computers can be delivered anywhere else in South Africa at courier rates.

Payment Terms
Cash on delivery or delivery when cheque clears if paid by cheque.

What to Look for When Buying a Computer
1. Make sure that what is inside the PC is what was offered -
On the desktop right click on "My Computer" and choose properties. Under the "General" tab you will be able to see the operating system and registration code, the make of the processor and the RAM size.
2. Look for the hard drive size -
Double click "My Computer" right click on "Local Disk" usually Drive(C:):, choose properties. Here the size of the hard drive is shown as a pie chart with the total, used and free space sizes.
3. Make sure that the operating system (Windows) is registered -
Using a non-registered or pirated copy is against the law. You should either get an original disk from Microsoft (with CD and manual) or if the operating system is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) a decal stamp on the computer depicting the registration code.
4. Make sure that the PC is in working order -
Work on the computer for at least a day, check that it starts and shuts down without any system errors. Install your required software check that it installs without any problems.

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Currently we have 50 P3 Dell Computers available.
Please see below for technical data and pricing:

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933 MHz Processor
256 Mb RAM
17 inch Monitor
20 Gig Hard Drive
CD Rom
Stiffy Drive
USB Ports
Network Card
Registered Windows 2000 OEM operating system included

Price - R2 625 each
were R3 500 discount 25%
offer valid whilst stocks last

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